Audible advantage! The vital third sense that gives gamers a competitive edge

HearAngel – Protecting wireless headphone users from hearing damage

When thinking about computer gaming and eSports, many will consider it vital to pick up visual cues from the stunning three dimensional animated imagery that is delivered even from mobile consoles and handsets; some will acknowledge the importance of haptic feedback sensed by touch. But there is the vital third sense of sound that plays an important role the gaming environment.

Often audio triggers within gaming and eSports can provide cues for activity that may not be visible: perhaps the sound of footsteps approaching from behind in a first-person shooter title mean that action needs to be taken to check whether friend or foe; or in soccer a shout from a defender can alert the centre forward to that long pass coming his way well before the ball is seen. The 3D soundscapes provided in today’s games provide rich, highly detailed sound that can confer a competitive advantage to those players who are able to act on the cues.

Hearing acuity is therefore vitally important for eSports players and gamers who wish to perform at the highest standard; it doesn’t matter how good their eyesight is nor how fast their fingers are if their hearing is compromised. Protection of this vital sense through safeguarding is essential for all players.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified that 1.1bn young adults globally are at risk from permanent hearing damage from the recreational use of headphones and earphones, especially with the increasing exposure from gaming and eSports use.

By using headphones that provide technology to safeguard users’ hearing, gamers can avoid the damage that might see them losing their edge. Products that operate within the relevant safety standards will be able to be identified from compliance labelling and logos.

Gamers wishing to optimise their performance and gain a competitive advantage should look to use the very best performing intelligent headphones that incorporate 3D soundscapes and the appropriate hearing safeguarding.

By Jeremy Copp

Business Development

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