Cheryl’s Hearing Conservation Training Tips


What should I use for my upcoming Hearing Conservation Training?    What can I use that will educate and motivate employees in a new way?  This may be a question you ask yourself whenever training is on the horizon.  I will be giving you ideas on how to present HC training in fresh and novel ways.  Your employees will exclaim, “Wow, I never knew that about my ears!”  I will present an idea about every 3 months on this Blog.  My first idea is to incorporate a YouTube video  The one I have picked, Auditory Transduction, is a basic anatomy and physiological account of how our ears hear.  Give it a look!  Your employees may walk away with new respect for their ears!

Make sure OSHA’s 3 topics are covered with every annual training:
1) The effects of noise on hearing
2) Purpose and procedure of hearing testing
3) Purpose, selection, fit, use and care of hearing protectors, the advantages, disadvantages and attenuation of various types.





Cheryl Nadeau, M.Ed., FAAA
Senior Occupational Audiologist