INTEGRAfit iPad® App is here!- Fit Testing For Hearing Protection

After a thorough approval process from our friends at Apple®, the INTEGRAfit iPad® App has been approved and is now available for purchase.

INTEGRAfit is a professional quantitative fit-testing program for any brand of hearing protection (HPD).

Here is the link:

Alternately, Open the App Store on your iPad® and search for “INTEGRAfit”.

The App sells for $999.99 and the “green” headset sells for $485.00.  Total of $1,485.00.   (Apple® iPad® not included)

Once the INTEGRAfit- iPad® App is purchased, you will be directed to to contact us to order the approved INTEGRAfit- headset for $485.00 plus shipping.

Here are the new INTEGRAfit web pages:

If you currently have Workplace Applications audiometric software (HTPro), the data secured from the INTEGRAfit iPad® App will download into the Workplace Applications audiometric software.  Please contact us for details.

You do not need Workplace Applications audiometric software (HtPro) to use the INTEGRAfit iPad® App.

Let us know if you would like to place an order this year and get the cost off the books for 2013!

Please contact us with any questions.