NDD Spirometer and Promotion

The NDD EasyOne and EasyOne Plus spirometers have been discontinued. These spirometers have been replaced by the NDD EasyOne Air. The NDD EasyOn-PC spirometer is still available.

EasyOne Air is the new, all-in-one revolution in lung function testing. Built for healthcare providers large and small, EasyOne Air puts the power of the most advanced spirometry testing tools in the palm of your hand.

Revolutionary TrueFlow ultrasound technology means unprecedented accuracy for reliable diagnosis and rusted treatment. Equipped with ready-to-use EMR connectivity and a user-friendly interface, the EasyOne Air makes the best in lung care available anywhere.

NDD is offering promotions, please contact Workplace Integra for more information.

Please contact us for a quote or to answer any questions: info@wpintegra.com

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