OSHA seeks additional public comments on proposed column for employer injury and illness logs

OSHA is reopening the public record on a proposed rule to revise the Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirement regulation. Notice of the reopening will be published May 17 in the Federal Register. The purpose of the reopening is to allow interested individuals to comment on the small business teleconferences OSHA and the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy co-sponsored April 11-12, and on the issues raised during the teleconferences. OSHA held the teleconferences to gather information from representatives of small businesses about their experiences recording work-related musculoskeletal disorders and how they believe they would be impacted by OSHA’s proposed rule. OSHA has posted a summary of comments about the teleconferences in the public docket for this rulemaking. The proposed rule covers only MSDs that employers are already required to record under the longstanding OSHA Recordkeeping rule. Interested persons must submit comments by June 16 either electronically or by fax, mail, hand delivery, express mail, messenger or courier. See the Federal Register notice for more information.