Restaurants Serve Up an Extra Helping of Hearing Loss


Source: The Hearing Journal, September 2012 – Volume 65 – Issue 9


Noise-induced hearing loss is not limited to construction or factory workers as some might presume, just ask a waiter or a retail employee. Workers in many New York City restaurants and clothing stores are often exposed to loud music, sometimes averaging nearly 100 dBA, according to a New York Times article. (August 2, 2012; see FastLinks.)

“The risk to hearing from hazardous noise exposure is a product of sound level (decibel) and time (duration),” said Deanna Meinke, PhD, an associate professor at the University of Northern Colorado’s Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences department in Greeley. Dr. Meinke was responding on behalf of Dangerous Decibels, a public health campaign designed to reduce the incidence and prevalence of NIHL and tinnitus.

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