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Doctors Replacing Man’s Ear By Growing A New One From Tissue In His Arm


Source: WFMY News 2

NEW ORLEANS – After a devastating car wreck caused a man to lose his ear, doctors are creating a medical milestone by growing him another ear.

The special thing about this is, is that it’s growing in his arm.

Just before Thanksgiving last year, a mother panicked because she couldn’t find her son for nearly four days.

He was unconscious in the UMC Trauma Center.

In December 2015, Kip Nelson, 31, struggled in physical therapy for independence again. He had no memory of the Kenner Police chase and crash the month before. With no seatbelt on, he went through the windshield, causing brain, neck, spinal cord, facial and shoulder injuries. His mother, Yolonda, is thankful Kip is no longer unconscious, and the feeding and breathing tubes are gone, so she can care for him at home.

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