OSHA on Hearing Conservation & COVID-19

OSHA has weighed in on COVID-19, Hearing Conservation, and enforcement. The following is an example from OSHA that addresses mobile testing:

Annual Audiograms Example-Employer contracts with a service that provides a mobile audiometric testing facility.  The service was scheduled to arrive at the employer’s facility on March 27, 2020, but due to on-site visitor restrictions and social distancing protocols, the employer cancelled the arrival of the mobile facility.  OSHA will not cite the employer for failing to conduct annual audiograms, provided the employer considered alternative options for compliance, implemented interim alternative protective measures, where possible, and shows a good faith effort to reschedule the mobile facility as soon as possible.

Here is the entire OSHA posting for more information:


Workplace Integra has implemented COVID-19 protocols with our mobile van services. If you are an existing Workplace Integra mobile client you will be contacted to schedule the testing and review the new protocols. If you are interested in using Workplace Integra for mobile testing please contact us: info@wpintegra.com, or 888 974 0001.