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Puritan Bennett Spirometers no longer supported; how about a rebate?

spiro 2 spiro 1

The Workplace Applications software support desk will no longer provide technical support for the Puritan Bennett line of spirometers.  As of September 1, 2015, any Puritan Bennett spirometer issues with the Workplace Applications spirometry module will not be supported.  The reasons are many, some of these models of spirometers are no longer manufactured and parts are becoming difficult to come by.  In addition, the communication setup is archaic (switch box) compared to new spirometers with a USB connection.

Now some good news- NDD spirometers are still offering a $100 rebate and a free box of spirettes with the return of an old spirometer (any model) to NDD after a new NDD spirometer purchase.

This link details the rebate.

Here are the NDD Spirometers.

Contact us for a formal quote on a new NDD Workplace Applications compatible spirometer at sales@wpintegra.com.