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You thought this was going to reference Fit Testing for Respirators- NOPE.

This is about Fit Testing for Hearing Protection.

Workplace INTEGRA, Inc has designed a Fit Testing For Hearing Protection device called INTEGRAfit® .  INTEGRAfit® uses an Apple® iPad® or iPad® mini.  Download the Apple® App from the device, use the WPI supplied custom headset and you are ready to determine how effectively your employee has inserted his/her hearing protection.

You can use the “Compliance Mode”- bring the subject into a quiet room or a hearing booth and tell them, “don’t touch your hearing protection”, administer the 3-4 minute screening and the results will show you how effectively they inserted those plugs at the start of the shift.  Want to dedicate some training time to the proper fit?  Use the “Training Mode”, start with a baseline test (no plugs), then try plug 1, plug 2, plug 3, etc.  Find the proper plug and the proper fit.  INTEGRAfit can be used on all types of plugs including custom inserts.

When used with Workplace Applications (or HT Pro) audio software, (not required) you can run the Early Warning Shift report to generate your first group to test. How about a Random List, or simply perform a fit test on all employees.

The INTEGRAfit® methodology replicates a hearing test, whereas the subject responds to tones like an OSHA Hearing Test. The results use a stop light graph, Red = under protected, Yellow = overprotected, get them in the green = Good to Go!

You don’t need a hearing booth to administer an INTEGRAfit test, a quiet room will do.

Here is the web page about the INTEGRAfit® iPad®App with screen shots.

We also offer a combination INTEGRAfit® / Audiometer. Here.

INTEGRAfit®will screen at 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz and/or 2,000 Hz.  Access the on-line demonstration here or  contact us.

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