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World Hearing Day 2018

March 3rd Is a Day to Spotlight Your Professional Services

World Hearing Day (WHD)—an international day of outreach on hearing care organized by the World Health Organization—is March 3rd. To mark this important observance, ASHA is providing a Digital Toolkit that members can use to share information on hearing loss, treatment, and the importance of audiology services.

The toolkit offers a series of eye-catching, consumer-friendly resources that can be shared on your personal and professional social media accounts with one click. These graphics showcase statistics on hearing loss, factors contributing to the rise in hearing loss, and specific information and treatment considerations for people with hearing loss across the lifespan (newborn, child, adolescent, and adult).

This year, WHD’s theme for this day is “Hear the Future,” focused on the expected rise in the prevalence of hearing loss. Emphasis will be on preventative efforts to help stem this rise and the need to ensure that people with hearing loss have access to required rehabilitation services and communication tools, and products that they require.

This is an ideal opportunity to spread the word about hearing loss and the importance of treatment—that is, your services! So, mark your calendar—and use these shareables to help raise our collective voice.

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