Workplace INTEGRA Introduces Virtual Audiology Service

We would like to take the opportunity to announce the launch of a new audiological service that will be the perfect addition to the management of your hearing conservation program.   The service is called Virtual Audiologist Service (VAS).

Have you ever wondered if your Company is doing all it can to be compliant with OSHA Requirements , that your employees are being offered the best protection and the best monitoring of their hearing needs?  By taking advantage of this new service, your Company will be excelling beyond compliance and heading towards excellence.

Virtual Audiologist Service (VAS) provides your company with all the benefits of an On-Site Audiologist Visit, which includes the best consulting and auditing of your hearing conservation program by our knowledgeable staff of audiologist through multimedia technology, but with the convenience of anytime scheduling and eliminated cost of travel.  This also allows for significantly improved access to our services from remote locations.
A summary of what your Virtual Audiologist Service (VAS) would involve is listed below:

• Screening of audiometric medical referrals including record review and/or personal employee interviews for case-by-case determinations of possible OSHA 300 Log recordables.
• Annual comprehensive VAS review of the hearing conservation program and recordkeeping functions.  This includes reviewing prior sound surveys, noise control documentation, required OSHA postings, CAOHC certifications, equipment calibration records, hearing protection inventory, annual hearing conservation training, and the plant’s written hearing conservation program policy.
• On-going consultation regarding hearing protection issues, Standard Threshold Shifts (STS), potential medical issues, and OSHA 300 Log recording.
• Additional telephone consultation on hearing conservation matters as requested.
• A written report with recommendations following each comprehensive VAS visit.

Please contact Workplace Integra for more information to see which services would work best for you, your Company and your employees.

VAS vs InPlant Service