BHI Raises Awareness of Dangers of Noise Exposure During 4th of July



In an effort to protect America’s hearing, this 4th of July the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is raising awareness of the dangers that fireworks and other loud summer activities pose to hearing health. We invite you to join us by promoting prevention in your own local communities.

To help with your outreach efforts, we have included a number of materials on both the dangers of noise exposure and how people can protect their hearing.
Please find below materials that you can use to help make this 4th of July and summer season both fun and hearing-safe for people in your local community.

• Local customizable press release to promote your practice
• A newsletter article for your use which can serve as an opinion editorial
• Information on hearing loss prevention

The more people understand the dangers and ramifications of hearing loss—and that there are measures they can take to preserve their hearing—the more willing they become to visit their local hearing health professional to care for their hearing.
Thank you in advance for helping to make this 4th of July and summer season both fun and hearing-safe.